SOLO AUF SCHWELLEN - Performance for dance and double bell trumpet - 2013
The musical score Solo auf Schwellen for double bell trumpet by Isabel Mundry is based on addressing the experience of acoustics in space. While choreographing the piece I decided to oppose this idea with another line of thought without abstracting away from it. I didn't want to create a dance solo that simply images the music. I rather tried to confront the music with my own perception of the subject. In doing so I decided to arrange each of the six musical movements into a seperate situation or moment which either examined the treshold as a place or delt with the act of overstepping it.

The treshold as a place in space to be experienced - the treshold as a narrative element in dance - the treshold as an acoustig spatial phenomenon in music - those three perspectives are the core of this piece.

- Choreographer Jörg Weinöhl

  • Choreography
  • Dance
  • Composition
  • Trumpet
  • Photography
  • Premiere
  • Jörg Weinöhl
  • Jennifer Amelie Vogel
  • Isabel Mundry
  • Marco Blaauw
  • Stefan Weiss
  • May 2013, Florhof Zurich

Special Thanks: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Felix Baumann