I Would Prefer Not To - Stage Performance - 2013
In their latest work the collective Dialoge is staging a piece for contemporary dance and music that deals with the so called multi-option society: The dancers and musicians want to present the audience the paradox and the inner conflict of a young western generation that grew up in both material and technical abundance. In search of their right pathway they are so unoriented that they get lost in the decision-making process.

I Would Prefer Not To is looking for an alternative by approaching the topic with improvisation, a method that refuses fixed expectations and can't be planned. Quite the contrary it asks for radical presence in the moment and guides one back to his own essence.
An exciting development of the sequences in combination with silence, movement, dance, voices, instruments, light and shadow.
- Vera Staub
  • Dance

  • Voice

  • Cello
  • Trumpet
  • Coaching

  • Light Design
  • Photography
  • Premiere Zurich
  • Premiere St Gallen
  • Sabine Schweikl
    Jennifer Vogel
  • Meret Roth
    Larissa Bretscher
  • Benjamin Ryser
  • Silvan Schmid
  • Natalia Sidler
    Marco Volta
  • Christian Decker
  • Christian Glaus
  • Theater Rigiblick 2013
  • Grabenhalle 2013

With the support of: Agentur Z+ ZHdK, momento Stiftung